6 Essential Black Friday Shopping Apps for iPhone and Android

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and retailers do everything they can to bring you into their stores in hopes that you will spend big money. Gone are the days of going through the Black Friday ads in your local newspaper. In a post-iPhone world, we have apps for everything and these Black Friday apps not only help you locate the deals, but help you organize your shopping lists and manage your expenses, making your Black Friday shopping experience as efficient and affordable as possible. BfAds.net This Black Friday app is available for both Apple and Android devices and allows users to cull through Black Friday ads and create shopping list that can be synced to the web and other devices. Black Friday by Fat Wallet Black Friday by Fat Wallet is among the top apps for searching through the Black Friday specials and is available on both Apple and Android formats. The search function on Fat Wallet allows users to search for very specific items and select specific parameters such as choosing specific store locations and setting parameters for items/stores with free shipping. Black Friday Survival Guide Available for Apple and Android devices, Black Friday Survival Guide is another app allowing users to search through Black Friday deals, but this app’s strength is in how well categorized everything is, making the search experience very intuitive, even for newbies to these sorts of apps. Dealnews Dealnews is an app available for Apple and Android that gives users the ability to search through leaked Black Friday deals. The level of information on Dealnews is extensive, making it a must have app for the season. Mint.com Mint, available for Apple and Android, should remain in your phone far beyond the madness of Black Friday. Mint allows users to track their expenses throughout their shopping experience. The app even lets you check on card balances and even goes as far as to allow the user to set spending thresholds, giving the user a notification if they start spending too much money. ShopKick ShopKick is another year-round app, but its use can prove particularly beneficial during the Black Friday rush. This Apple and Android app lets users earn reward points for shopping at stores like Target, Wet Seal, Toys R Us, Crate amp; Barrel, Macy’s, Best Buy, Old Navy and Sports Authority. The contributor never passes up a good deal and always seeks the best possible value. More from this contributor: Understanding What Makes a Modern Slim-Cut Suit Men’s Fashion: The Affordable Cuff Link Collection The Fiat 500 by Gucci and 5 Other Designer Branded Cars

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