How Do I Find The Right Niche For Me ?

How Do I Find The Right Niche For Me – Part 1 ? So you have thought about it and thought about it but nothing seems to come to mind. Your mind seems to go blank ! What do you do? You will need to be creative but some of these sites below will help bring ideas to mind. Wherever you go keep a small notebook and pen with you. Niches come out of nowhere ! Generate more than one idea and dig deep into the subject to find the gem you can build your site on. Here are some ideas or places to go to help with a choice.


1. Look Around you

Look around the room. For example where I am sitting I see posters, a clock, pens, a cup, photos, books, a cellphone, CD’s, files, calendars, furniture etc. The list is endless when you think about it. Literally everything around you is a potential niche. It just has to be one or as many that you can be comfortable with.

2. Hobbies and Activities

* Abstractly…can you cook? * Are you good at a particular sport? * Do you collect anything? * Are you good with money? * Do you like a hobby? * Are you good with animals? This really is a very good way for generating new niche ideas because if you get a niche idea using this method, then you are generating an idea from something you like to do and these generally turn out to be the best niches for us when we can turn our passions into products. Not essential……… just easier to write about what you like. Try to come up with at 15 to 20 ideas. Write them all down and dig a little deeper to see if something stands out in particular and if there could be a product to match that niche that you could sell online. Or even if there is a book or report you could write yourself about that niche. I love to cook, sail,travel and garden and find it easy to write about those subjects. What is close to your heart?

3. Magazines

Next time you go past a newsstand look at the magazines on display. Magazines are having a hard time these days because of the internet and any on the stands mean that that particular niche is going well and selling so take note. Thinks about the choice of magazines : * Cars * Pets * Fashion * Garden * Crafts * Weddings * Travel * Food * Housing * Television * Interior Decorating * Astrology …….and the list goes on.

4. Newspapers and Television

Keep an eye of what is on the television news and what is in the newspapers. The magazines that come as additions to the newspaper have great subjects in them. These subjects would be what sells the papers and they put in a lot of research into what sells, before writing about it. The main headlines give us something different every day. Even the advertisements are little niches to look at. This is the same on television with the daily headlines and the ads that accompany them and what is in the news itself. Niches, niches, niches ! Local area free newspapers generally have a more personal approach to the news and the opportunity to find niches is outstanding. You can quite often find good specific free newspapers on set subjects at your local library. They too are exceptionally interesting as they are very targeted.

5. Social Contacts

Where do go to socialize? * Dancing * Clubs and discos * Pubs and bars * Sports Clubs * The Game ( be it whatever) * Family Clubs * Car Rallies * Restaurants * Beach ……..and once again the list goes on.

6. Your Post Box

Not all countries allow this but in my country all sorts of mail comes to our post boxes in the form of advertising. Mainly flyers and sometimes some of it is exceptionally interesting so I like to keep an eye on it to see what I may come across. Now you get the picture. There are hundreds of things around in the offline world that can be turned into a financial niche. From Part 2 onwards we will start with some basics of choosing a niche. This is Part 1 of “How Do I find The Right Niche For Me?”

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