How to turn off 3D Touch on iOS 13

The iOS 13 version has been officially released with extremely new products for the iPhone version 2019. During this upgrade, Apple provided and changed many features, including Haptic Touch, replacing the previous 3D Touch feature. Haptic Touch is the press and holding gesture to open up additional features. If 3D Touch relies on strong or light pressure to open the appropriate content, with Haptic Touch will change into the time of touch on the screen. However, with iOS 13, using both 3D Touch and Haptic Touch will make you feel more difficult to use. The following article will help you how to turn off 3D Touch on iOS 13. Instructions to turn off 3D Touch on iOS 13 Step 1: Users access to Settings on the device and then click on Accessibility. Step 2: Moving to the new interface, users tap the Touch section and then tap 3D Touch & Haptic Touch. By default, 3D Touch is turned on, and you need to slide the white circle to the left to turn it off. Step 3: In the case of users using 3D Touch, the sensitivity of this feature can be adjusted to make it work lighter. We access the 3D Touch & Haptic Touch section and then look below the 3D Touch Sensitivity option and then slide the circle button towards Light. 3D Touch and Haptich Touch feature on iOS 13 work separately, so when you turn off 3D Touch, it will not affect Haptich Touch. If you want to use 3D Touch, we should reduce the activity level of the feature. I wish you a successful implementation!