Improving The Quality Of Life For Bloggers?

You have simply got to be kidding!!! Ryan, this is not directed at you personally but – THIS is freaking insane!; “Krug is voicing a concern with the way the free-market blogging industry has panned out. He wants to see some institutionalized method for improving the quality of life for bloggers.” Institutionalized??? Are you out of your g-dammed mind??? Working from home on our own schedule. Work today, not tomorrow. Work all day today and take the next week off. Have a choice of whom to work for. Knowing what we’re getting into before we get into it. Individual expression. Get out any time we want to. Opportunity to grow when we want to or not, our choice. Opportunity for part time work, full time pay or pay exceeding anything we could imagine. Move anywhere in the world and work if/when we like. No need to work from the frozen tundra – work comfortably, at the beach if we’d like. FREEDOM! Respectfully speaking, there are infinite ways that folks can make an income and Blogging is about the cleanest, safest way imaginable. Insurance? Against what? Falling off your desk chair from too many Wild Turkeys? Gimme a break, puuuuulllllease!!! Krug wants to “suck the soul out of the whole thing” because he is in the habit of leaving destruction in his wake. And that I can verify David, go ahead, tempt me! Your “about” page at Telegraphik is full of half-truths and blatant bs. Give up FREEDOM for INSTITUTIONALIZED??? Based on? “I don’t like it. It smells funny.” Based on uncorroborated, unsubstantiated, suspicious statements from David Krug? Totally insane… Update – Well Mr. Krug, no, you don’t deserve a link from me… but I will tell everyone that you removed my comment from your post regarding your response to Jeremy. As usual, your reply is nothing more than air. I’m going to agree with Franky. This is nothing more than an exercise in linkbaiting from you. No substance, lacking intelligent cohesiveness and winding down to sheer nonsense, i.e., normal for David Krug. Must have another “huge new project” in the works again (for the zillionth time). Hello World! When will you all stop giving this person the credence he doesn’t deserve???

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