[Mini hack] Bring your own full Windows experience everywhere with a portable hard drive

USB is fast enough and Windows is light enough that we can run this operating system from the external drive! As a frequent traveler, the laptop has become a lifesaver and has become a burden for me. There are times when I go for only 2, 3 days, the clothes are not much, but the laptop has to stick with me, not even sent to the consignment space on the plane. Well, getting a laptop enough, sooner or later, there will be a situation where the situation will get worse: once, I forgot to charge, so carrying my laptop is like carrying a useless 2kg brick. But not carrying a laptop is not good. Although the hotel I stayed in also had a laptop, and any partner company was willing to provide equipment in place for me to work, I still had to carry my personal laptop. The first obstacle is in software, because when I use the “strange” machine I will still have to install additional software before I can use it. Compatibility is also a problem, because even Office 2013 when opening documents 2016 can crack the format. Finally, there is the security issue: how do I know what the computer in my place has been, can it be malicious? Awnser: You can boot a full Windows from an external hard drive. Then, when I mounted the SSD from a broken old laptop to the PC to retrieve the data, I suddenly found something strange. I can carry my “workspace” everywhere with an external hard drive. How did this discovery happen? Because my PC prioritizes booting on USB drives before the hard drive, and since the old SSD was then attached via USB adapter, my computer automatically booted into the Windows 10 version on the external drive (rather than on “main” drive inside the machine). After about 5 minutes of waiting, the operating system automatically installed drivers for the new system and then put me in a full Windows experience. That’s the Windows experience that once existed inside my old laptop, but is now running on another PC, via a USB connection. Every time you plug in a “unknown” PC, Windows will take a little longer to reinstall the hardware, but the experience is generally no different. This “phenomenon” may be completely normal for you, but it is too surprising for me. When Windows 7, instead of main, I have to reinstall Windows, otherwise it will hang. Not to mention, the former USB bandwidth is too slow to be used as a boot drive. Now, with Windows 10, I can remove the hard drive that installed Windows on this machine to run on another machine – even via a USB adapter. The 5.0Gbps bandwidth is not as good as SATA but it is still more than enough to run Windows almost normally. Of course the experience is somewhat slower than when installing the drive in the machine. But with the need for work, I do not need more, not to mention many applications I use mainly save data “to the cloud” rather than to the hard drive. The most important thing is that I was able to carry my entire workspace inside a lightweight 2.5 “hard drive. Go to a partner company (including all Mac … design firms) , going to the hotel, going to the Internet Cafe, at the airport … I just need to mount the hard drive via USB to be able to use my own Windows comfortably.No need to worry about installing, worrying or worrying honey. Such a “portable” Windows version will also help a lot in the “main” Windows situation on your laptop / PC: you just need to install an external drive that has Windows installed to back up data inside. main drive. When replacing a PC or replacing a laptop, you just need to remove the old drive to the new drive instead of losing the time consuming installation copy. Currently, a 120gb SSD drive costs only USD. A USB3.0 adapter for quality SATA drives is only about USD. You can even install Windows on a 32GB or 64GB USB device without using too much space. With no high fees, I was able to bring my own Windows 10 space wherever I go. Thank you, Microsoft.