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Our goal in developing this website in to be a solid, honest and current resource. All of the articles written will be prepared in a way that all can understand and make good sound decisions for their lives or business. This site is designed for everyday people. Please use the content freely and share with all whom you thing will benefit. Please follow our Youtube page. Our Categories


Any news that has to with small business or corporate companies that may impact our world, make you think or motivate entrepreneurship. These stories can range from the Disney acquiring of the Star Wars franchise to facebook or twitter going public. All examples of good business plans to bad small business practices that we all can learned from will be featured. By standing back and taking a look at the business world we can all learn from each other.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to start your own business? Do you want to learn the truth about making money online? The How to Articles will feature content and videos to explain in depth how to complete task when starting, growing or advancing a small business. Many people do not take the step to entrepreneurship or start their own small business because they are afraid, do not understand how or don’t think they can succeed. This category will help conquer the fear of the unknown, answer questions and give confidence to people so that more can live the life of their dreams.


There is nothing more motivating than being inspired. This category will feature stories that move us to take actions on our wants and dreams. Sometimes the success of other small business, the overcoming of a tuff battle or the story of the garage start up to a millionaire is the shot in the arm we need to motivate us to take action. Some of these stories may also touch the heart.


We review everything that you can spend your money on. From Air lines to hotel stays. Making money products and books to computers and tablets that you can use for your business. Marketing companies and programs, infomercials, eBooks, membership sites and so much more. With our straightforward and honest reviews you will know exactly how to spend your money.


Sometime the best ideas come in deep thought and meditation. Studies have shown that meditation and relaxation is good for your health and wellbeing. Just like anything else sometimes small business can be stressful. This category will have article and videos that will help put your mind at ease. Personally I like to listen to relaxing sounds like water running, the creek water rolling down a stream, the hum of a fan, rain, and the sound of the ocean and so on. I find that when studying, reading a book or writing a blog post these sound help me concentrate on what I’m doing. They help my mind keep the creativity going. We will share the best stories, videos and sounds that will put your mind at ease and bring out the creativity in you.

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