Where to Design Your Own Dress Online

Where to Design Your Own Dress Online Did you ever look at one of those designer dresses and think, ” well I could make that “. Are you tired of roaming around from store to store and you just can not find that dress you had in mind for that special occasion. It is your wedding day, and you have been in every store possible but no one sells that one dress you have dreamed off and you cannot afford to have it made. Your worries are over because you can now design your own dress online, having it made and shipped to you by these online web stores: Studio 28 Couture. At studio 28 couture you can design your own dress in 4 easy steps. In the first step you pick your bodice you can choose from a wide range they’re in a charlotte top, halter-top and many more. You then move to step two where you pick your skirt. Here there are choices like a garden party skirt or a cocktail party skirt and many more. Moving to step three this is where you pick your dress fabric, it’s 100% cotton and comes in a range of colors and patterns. The last step is selecting your dress trim fabric, also 100 % cotton. The cost is 200$ you check out and your new dress will be in your hands in 3 weeks. http://www.studio28couture.com Promgirl. At Promgirl you can design your own dress in 3 easy steps. You simply upload a picture or sketch and you can upload 4 to your gallery. It can be any picture, so if you have ever dreamed of having that one dress from that award show, this is the place that can make it. Fill out the form, set the price and pick your event date. They take 3-4 weeks to deliver and the prices start at 230$. http://www.promgirl.com/shop/dresses/designyourown Olivialuca. At Olivialuca you can design your own wedding dress in 7 steps, you start with skin color and go on to bodice, skirt, fabric, color, detail, the details fabric and color. In the end, you put in your body measurements and it will give you a detailed list of your choices and the price. Best of all you can always go back and change the designs. http://olivialuca.com Your dreams can come true, designing your own dress is a fun way to keep a unique piece, you will treasure for a long time.