Which Matte Nail Polish Is Your Favorite Of All To Wear?

Women today are very lucky to be able to select the matte nail polish to provide style and shine to their nails as they pick from a wide choice of formulas and colors. Most women today own several tiny little bottles of nail color, but do you know the history behind the origin of nail color and how it developed through the ages to become the products that we presently use? The evolution of this fashion trend contains an interesting history of its path of development. It has been noted that the concept of manicures actually were developed in India thousands of years ago as women used henna as nail paint. Now according to the dictionary, the description of henna is the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used as a dye to color the hair and decorate the body. It appears logical that henna was employed as part of the manicure in ancient times as most of us are still familiar with henna. Different formulas of nail polish were developed as this practice spread around the world and became adopted by various cultures of people who developed the polish to achieve the results that they desired. The people of Babylonia for example achieved their perfect manicure with solid gold. The Chinese decided nail color should be used to designate social status and wealth. Their formula was made using a blend of egg whites, beeswax, gelatin and a glue like substance called gum Arabic. In order to create different hues they used flower petals from plants such as impatiens, orchid and roses. The nails were then soaked in this mixture for several hours for this process to occur. Gold and silver dust was used to create colors displayed by the royalty, with precious stones inlaid on the nail. The royalty of Egypt, such as Cleopatra, brandished The quantity of power that was possessed by an individual was indicated by the strength of the shade of red that they wore. The desired hue was made with henna and sometimes encompassed the use of blood. It has been written that Cleopatra preferred a crimson shade, and the women of lower rank were only permitted to use pale colors because red was only allowed to be used by royalty. The development of nail art is credited to the Inca’s who used images of eagles to decorate their fingertips which was a common symbol that they also used on architecture. Jumping ahead to the 1920 era, a French makeup artist who loved the high-gloss paint that was used on automobiles had a brilliant idea to develop those car paints into a formula that she developed which could be used on fingernails as a glossy lacquer that is the best nail polish familiar to us today. Nail polish products is a standard part of many people’s daily fashion habits. Another thing that is used to enhance the beauty of your nails is fashioned nail polish. To check out some of the nail tips, you can simply browse Nailuv fashions.

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