Who can be the next Social media King?

Social media, an real buzzword for the virtual world. This thing is gaining prominence so hastily that the traditional online marketing mechanisms – Search engine marketing, Banner ads are somehow little bit scared and most of them have themselves evolved their social networking platform. There is no doubt in saying that social media is extremely different with all the online materials as the entire web is stuffed with content written by content writers which are then owned by single entity i.e. the owner of the website but the social media networking popularly called as Web 2.0 has transformed the definition of web from a single webmaster oriented platform to the common masses. The most popular and indeed the core element of social media marketing is the sharing of information and doing further interaction with our friends, colleagues, business associates and even the competitors (sometimes enemies). So social media is nothing but the sharing of content in the form of text, audio, video, photos etc. It was predominantly founded by Rohit Bhargav in the year 1998 but neither Rohit or the web entrepreneurs were aware that how this will grow and mushroom on the web. Today the overall social media networking websites are valuated in multi billions. Here are some growing and giant social media networks Myspace : When Myspace was launched it was considered as the first and last destination for social media networking. This platform was and is enriched with special social media gadgets which marks its an exclusive social media portal. Till date Myspace has maximum registrants but as matter of time and due to non user friendliness there is not enough growth in its visitors and even there is a decline in activity of the existing users. So Myspace is still king but its image is fading due to tough competition it is facing from its rivals. Facebook : This is now considered as the prime venue for social media networking and comprises so many features with user friendly interface including spam control methods that visitors are stick to this and there is exponential growth rate. The company was founded by the youngest of the web entrepreneurs Mr. Mark Zuckerburg and he has transformed a local networking website for school to a global social media entity. One of the major and the strongest part lies in Facebook API’s which involve the application integration on facebook, thereby encouraging both marketers and developers to come and collaborate with facebook. Youtube : The company founded by former Paypal executives and later acquired by Google in a deal of 1.65 billion dollar is real video networking hub. With its consumer based throughout the globe and advanced features its indeed a place for consumers, business where both uploading and viewing of videos is a common games. Companies are now investing in generating corporate videos and promoting the same on youtube etc. Although Google is unable to monetize Youtube with its proper advertising model, but it will surely solve this problem as this product is associated with Big Daddy “Google”. Hulu another video site has give a big shake to Youtube but still Youtube rules the video networking till date. Twitter : I would like to discuss this in the last as this new (sometimes stated as “tiny”) social networking platform has changed the face of social media networking to a great extend. Its fast microblogging feature enabled from PCs to mobile has created a jumbling mania to netizines. The vast number of growing users proves that it might defeat all social media giants and will be the next King. Twitter success somewhat lies in its simplicity with user friendliness of its interface, its fast application and advanced features that now tons of people are either following or are being followed. There are several other social media platforms like Orkut (a Google product), Linkedin, etc. which are also successful to a great extend but currently there are two hot topics “Facebook and Twitter” and the burning question which one will be the most successful. If we look at the market analysis recently Facebook valuation was put at 15 billion something and now the twitter is also gaining momentum. The answer lies amongst the consumers who will themselves decided which platform is much better as per their needs. There are predictions from internet oracle society that Facebook and Twitter will lead the social media game in near future and might defeat (really damn difficult) linear search (Google). Let us see………… -:)

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