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Following the transfer of means assessment from LAB to LAB, the latter assumed responsibility for investigating financial representations. Following the investigation of financial representations, it is possible for LAB to conclude either that the legal aid certificate should continue. Revocation of discharge can be considered if the applicant has failed to provide information when requested to do so, or has failed to disclose a material fact. When a certificate is revoked, the previously assisted person is liable for all of his or her costs. Although LAB are normally prevented from discussing details of their investigations, they may tell the person who made the representations whether the assisted person’s certificate had been discharged, revoked or amended.Section 38 of the 1988 Act restricts the disclosure of information which has been provided to LABour seo tips LAW in connection with an applicant’s or assisted person’s case. Those rules of confidentiality have not inhibited my investigation as the Ombudsman has had access to the relevant papers pursuant to section 8 of the 1967 Act. On 10 January 1997 LAB’s area office refused her application because her disposable income exceeded the financial eligibility limit. On 7 January LAB wrote to Mrs H and said that her representations did not materially affect the grant of legal aid to Mr A. On 19 January the ancillary relief proceedings were concluded at a County Court. On 30 January Mrs H discussed with the then Member her concerns about BABY’s refusal to award her legal aid while granting a certificate to her opponent. who replied on 5 May saying that when one of the parties to an action was legally assisted and the other was not, a judge could make a costs order against the assisted person. But would have to take that person’s financial circumstances into account. In practice, he said, it meant that costs orders were hardly ever made against assisted person. 2 July Mrs H repeated her financial representations against the award of that certificate and asked LAB why her.Application for legal aid had been refused when she judged her financial circumstances to be less favourable than those of Mr A. LAB did not reply until 24 August.

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